Scrip Program

The St. Mary School Scrip Program is a great way to financially support St. Mary School, and even reduce your tuition, without any extra “out-of-pocket” expense for you!!

“Scrip” means “substitute money.” When you purchase Scrip, you are purchasing negotiable gift certificates or gift cards that are used just like cash. The Scrip is issued by local and national vendors who want to support St. Mary School. Many of the places you already shop participate in the Scrip program. You can use Scrip to purchase everyday expenses like food, clothing, medical, travel, and other essentials. Every time you purchase Scrip, the vendor donates a percentage back to the school. Essentially, you are donating the vendor’s money!!

St. Mary School is very appreciative of everyone who supports the school by using the Scrip program. To thank you, half of the proceeds earned by the school from your use of Scrip can be deposited into a tuition account for your child(ren) by contacting the Scrip Office at 256-9676 ext. 402. Get your family and friends to use St. Mary School Scrip and they can set up half of the proceeds to defray the cost of your family’s tuition!!

St. Mary School Scrip Order Form

“Shop With Scrip” Instructions for online shopping – all scrip on this site is available. If you have questions, please call the St. Mary School Scrip Office at 256-9676 ext. 402.

Scrip Profits Designation Form – send in a copy of this form to designate where you would like 50% of your proceeds to be used (tuition for a particular student or family, scholarships, technology, etc.)

Click here to email your scrip order – please include your name and phone number!!