Bible Study

The Bible is a rich part of the Christian tradition. Catholics may not have been encouraged to read and study the Bible on their own and in groups in the past, but that is no longer the case.(And hasn’t been for years. See the US Catholic Bishops’ Statement on Bible Study here.)

The Bible is actually not a single book, but a collection or small library of books: some poetry, some history, some myth, songs (Psalms) and prophecy. It is a wonderfully deep and rich source of wisdom, comfort and insight for those that are willing to invest the time in study and prayer. St. Mary offers multiple opportunities for Bible study.

The Good Morning Bible Study

On a weekday morning in the early Fall and late Spring a group gathers at Nancy Priest’s house in Lake Leelanau for Bible Study. Each session lasts for 6 or 7 weeks. This coming year we will be doing ” James, Peter and Jude: The Catholic Letters” from the Little Rock Scripture Study series. Coffee, fellowship and the Word of God!  What could be better than that? Call Jude or Nancy to let us know of your interest. The study materials will cost approximately $15.


Young Moms Bible Study

Designed especially for active young wives and mothers, this group meets every other week during the school year in the St. Mary Social Hall. Last Fall they read the Acts of the Apostles from Little Rock Scripture Study, but they also study different books depending on the interests of the members. Dates and times are dependent on those participating. For the latest information contact Tara Van Thomme at 231 342 4772 or

Book Club

Last year the members of the Good Morning Bible Study started a book club to help with the winter doldrums. We read biographies of Mother Teresa, St. Thérèse of the Lisieux, and Solanus Casey. This coming winter we will be reading St. Teresa’s autobiography, a book about St. Mary Magdalene and one on St. Anthony of Padua.  In addition to the face to face discussions, we are hoping to offer an online option for those of you who find it easier to take your reading and comments along with you as you go through the day! Stay tuned…. (Recommended Reading Lists are published in the bulletin throughout the year. To review, click here.)

The Bible in a Box

Not everyone wants to join a group discussion on the Bible. If you are one of those people who would prefer to study the Bible on your own, you can request our Bible in a Box for introductory materials and samples. We will be happy to loan it to you to help you select a Bible that meets your needs, including online options.